Kaagaz Prints

Digital & Offset Printing

Our commercial Offset Printing equipment offers the ability to print on large sheets of paper and packaging boards, in bigger quantities than the smaller digital printing process. This provides a cost-effective solution for your printing project, which we can further enhance with the variety and the adaptability of the printing machines we have available.

We can accommodate multi-color printing on a wide range of papers, finishes, and weights, with special treatments and embellishments. When you are needing flyers, brochures, maps, or maybe magazines, catalogs, booklets, or even custom packaging; you need to speak with us. If it can be printed, we can do it, on time and on budget, every time.

From vibrant multi-color printing to a wide selection of papers, finishes, and weights, we provide special treatments and embellishments to elevate your materials. Whether you require flyers, brochures, maps, or more elaborate projects like magazines, catalogs, booklets, or custom packaging, Kaagaz Prints is your go-to destination. If it can be printed, rest assured, we can handle it promptly and within your budget, every time.

Quality Press utilizes advanced digital printing technology when producing business cards, certificates, flyers, posters, newsletters, postcards, annual reports, stickers, menus, raffle tickets, brochures, and training manuals. In fact, just about anything can be printed on our digital machines and with superb quality and colour. One of the cool things with our digital printing, is the ability to change the information from copy to copy, also known as variable data printing. You might have a conference or event, that needs personalised name cards or lanyards for attendees; we can do this. What about certificates with a recipient’s name and a personalised reason for the award; we do this too.  Maybe you need to send off a personalized invitation, letter, or brochure, inserted into a personalized envelope and mailed; you guessed it, we do that too.

Now what about using some white ink, to add some colour punch on those dark card stocks, that other people may have trouble printing onto. Our white, metallic silver, and PANTONE matching capabilities make new design options possible. If it can be printed, we can do it, on time and on budget, every time.

Digital & Offset Printing