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Over the past so many years, Kaagaz has redefined the dynamics of print houses. Operating since 1989, we stand at the forefront of the industry.

Our driving force behind this has undoubtedly been the exceptional hard work and dedication our employees have put into building this to be one of the most trusted print agencies around.

Having been in operation for more than half a century, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of printing requirements to our diverse range of clientele across various sectors.

Our long-term vision is to position Kaagaz among the top-tier print companies internationally. We serve our services to Australia, Canada, Dubai & the USA. We aim to stay focused on our core printing and packaging activities as well as to acquire innovative new print technology for the expansion of our portfolio.

Our goal is to remain at the cutting edge of the industry so we may continue to create value for our team members, customers, surrounding communities, and the wider economy.

Ranjit Singh Khatri



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Raj Khatri


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As owner of The Kaagaz, Raj has a sound understanding of his clients’ needs. Being dedicated to his clients’ needs for over 11 years, Raj has continually proven that there is no substitute for personalized service and experience. As the owner and main client contact, Raj can assure his customers that all information conveyed will be incorporated into the project briefing that happens within his studio.

Roshan Singh

Website Designer & Developer

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Roshan joined The Kaagaz team over 8 years ago to handle the growing web development needs of our client base. As a graduate of the Oxfort Institute & A BA Graduate from DU, He has sound knowledge in web Desinging & development skills. Roshan has a burning desire to integrate social networking into our product offering and with a mastery of WordPress he has grown to become most skilled full stack web developers. His skills also extend to search engine optimization and a wide variety of advanced technologies including the use of Responsive Design.

Aarti Singh

Graphics Desinger

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She has filled the role of the Graphic Designer for The Graphix Works on a full-time for over 5 years. He is an expert in Adobe Creative Suite, Corel, Photoshop, AI & creates imagery and designs for our client projects that is second to none and elevates the level of our work beyond client expectations. In addition to traditional design skills, Aarti has expanded his skill set to include both website design and WordPress web development. As a result, our clients can expect the same cutting edge design for their website needs as they’ve received for their print needs.

Anil Rawat

Graphics Desinger

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He is a professional graphic design enthusiast who employs a unique combination of journalism, communication design and marketing strategy to help her clients to position and launch their enterprise or start-ups. He has 12 years or vast experience in different multi-national companies as a graphic design. He expert work in Adobe Creative Suite, Corel, Photoshop, AI etc.

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