Kaagaz Prints


Graphic Design


Well-designed visual elements and materials brilliantly represent your brand, attract attention, and deliver your message to your audience.

Successful graphic design inspires connection and communication. We take time to understand your business goals, so we can design creative and professional graphic materials that fulfill your needs. From logo design, business cards, and stationery, to web design and marketing materials, our artistic team has the broad experience to create design concepts that reflect your brand, your industry, and your vision.

Logo Design

A logo is the most visible representation of your brand and is an essential part of creating a memorable identity. We create striking logo designs that graphically represent the core values and characteristics of your business and will give a strong foundation to your marketing campaigns.

Flyer / Brochure Design

Brochures and flyers are handy marketing tools that give concise yet complete information about a business. They can be easily viewed, distributed, and referred to any time. They are a great way to market your products and services and reach out to your prospects.

Business Card design

Your business card should be polished and should clearly communicate your brand and contact details. The personality of your business and its purpose can be represented through distinctive, well-structured, and memorable business cards.

Video / Animation / Illustration

Video content is an incredibly valuable, interactive marketing tool. It is highly effective at engaging your audience, providing information in an easy to watch, entertaining format. Whether live action or animation, videos are highly flexible and can be used across devices and platforms; on your website, blog, and social media, where they can be readily shared by viewers.